Semenuk and Lluis Lacondeguy Bike Mag P.O.D.

This photo of Brandon Semenuk, left, and Lluis Lacondeguy riding the mighty Red Bull HellBarge has made the Picture of the Day for April 24/2011. Here’s a look at some other photos we got in Sept. 2009 while filming for NWD 10 in San Francisco.

Paul Basagoitia flipping the big step down with the Bay Bridge in the background.

Calm water and blue skies this morning in San Francisco.

After a couple more shots  we motored towards the Golden Gate Bridge. Rider: Paul B.

Getting closer.

Brandon Semenuk.

John Cowan had been dreaming of building jumps on a floating barge for years.  In 2009 his dream came true. 360 x-up.

Shortly after getting this shot of Andreu Lacondeguy we got buzzed by the S.F. Police Dept. helicopter seen in the top left who were wondering exactly what we were up to.

No idea how this guy got on the boat.

Andreu doing another flat spin 360.

Paul B hiking up the ramp.

Andreu Super Seater in front of Alcatraz.

Paul Basagoitia, left, and Brandon Semenuk getting’r done.

The people on dry land got some good photos too.


Birds and Brandon flying.

Motoring back to home base everybody was happy with their day.

Semenuk sent it one more time while Lluis Lacondeguy smoothed out the landing.


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1 Response to Semenuk and Lluis Lacondeguy Bike Mag P.O.D.

  1. BRT says:

    Great perspective shots of the action. Glad JC finally had his barge idea materialize.

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