Those Were the Days.3

Leigh Donovan. 1997 Mammoth Mountain Kamikaze Downhill. Speeds on the big straightaway were around 60 mph… sometimes higher.

Camera: Canon F1. Lens: Canon FD 500mm f4.5. Film: Kodak TriX 400

Leigh Donovan, left, and Mercedes Gonzalez ride the gondola up Mammoth Mountain.

Camera: Canon T90. Lens: Canon FD 20 mm f2.8. Film: Kodak TriX 400.

From the vault.


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2 Responses to Those Were the Days.3

  1. stikman says:

    Leigh had never broke the top 10 at mammoth…her worst venue. She did runs with Elke and Deaton that week…and made the podium on her least favorite track…a real breakthrough.

  2. And won the dual slalom!

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