Aggy’s Reunion


Aggy’s Reunion-Fest Series 2014

location: Kamloops, B.C., CanadaThe Crew

Matt Miles, Nick Pescetto, Matt Hunter, Makken Haugen, Ryan Howard, Tyler McCaul, Kyle Jameson, Andreu Lacondeguy, Thomas Vanderham, Paul Basagoitia, Jeff Herbertson, Graham Agassiz, Nico Vink, Jordie Lunn, Dustin Schaad & Ace Hayden.

location: Kamloops, B.C., CanadaGraham Agassiz hosted the first stop of the inaugural Fest Series this past Friday. Some of the best riders in the world showed up to hit the big jumps that Aggy, Brad Stuart and the rest of their crew built at the Kamloops Bike Ranch in British Columbia, Canada.

location: Kamloops, B.C., CanadaNico Vink flew in from Belgium.

location: Kamloops, B.C., CanadaTyler McCaul, Kyle Jameson, Ryan Howard and Jeff Herbertson came in from California.

location: Kamloops, B.C., CanadaAndrea Lacondeguy and Nick Pescetto dropped in from Barcelona.

location: Kamloops, B.C., CanadaJordie Lunn!

location: Kamloops, B.C., CanadaMakken Haugen flew in early from Norway and spent the last 3 weeks in the Loops.

location: Kamloops, B.C., CanadaAggy and Andreu warming up.

location: Kamloops, B.C., CanadaChecking out the shots.

location: Kamloops, B.C., CanadaGraham Agassiz watches Jordie Lunn hit the step down.

location: Kamloops, B.C., CanadaAndreu on the big jump.

location: Kamloops, B.C., CanadaKyle Jameson lead Matt Hunter off the Shark Fin.

location: Kamloops, B.C., CanadaKamloops locals Brett Tippie & Matt Hunter discuss the braking needed for the 50 footer.

location: Kamloops, B.C., CanadaThe landing.

location: Kamloops, B.C., CanadaRyan Howard and Matt Miles.

location: Kamloops, B.C., CanadaJordie Lunn.

location: Kamloops, B.C., CanadaEverybody had a real good time.

This was a rider judged event – this is how the riders voted at the end of the day:

Best Trick-Andreu Lacondeguy (Japan Air)

Best Line-Andreu Lacondeguy

Best StyleRyan Howard and Matt Miles (tie)

Best Whip-Thomas Vanderham and Tyler McCaul (tie)

Best Crash: Graham Agassiz

Best Overshoot: Matt Hunter

Best Partier: Jordie Lunn, Ryan Howard, Nico Vink & Graham Agassiz (four way tie)






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